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I am the proprietor of the award winning BittersweetGardens.Com web site. This site provides garden information blended with humor plus a “Garden Events” page. I am a Lifetime Master Gardener in Cobb County, Marietta, GA. I am a native Georgian born in Augusta before air-conditioning and before Rock & Roll was invented. (Ask me about walking barefoot down a dirt road to school.) My interests are Native Plants, Edible Landscaping, a few herbs but mostly unusual fruits and berries, Oriental Gardening, Vegetables, Water Features, Train Gardens, Attracting Wildlife, and Yard Art. I have given presentations at several national conferences in Georgia and Alabama. I have written and illustrated a children’s book, “Kid Stuff”, now in its second printing.

Besides gardening, my hobbies include multimedia art, playing guitar and writing songs. I am a member of several local and national garden-related organizations and write for their publications, most notably the “New South Gardener”. I am a member of the Garden Writer’s Association of America and have a down-to-earth style of garden writing. My top presentations for symposia are “Personalizing Your Garden with Southern Yard Art” which also shows how yard art can escape the garden and permeate other areas of our lives; “Edible Landscaping” unusual fruits and vegetables in the garden that have landscape and food value – practical plants that have educational value for future generations; “Amending The Soil” – The key to successful gardening covering simple soil amendments, cover crops and composting.

Retired and in my new home, I am working on crafts and starting my garden all over again.

Eddie Rhoades
667 Longwood Court
Marietta, GA 30008-3756

Email me at for my phone number and rates.

Eddie Rhoades
Owner and content creator

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