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Book Recommendation

Fall Garden Planning

Create a fall planting calendar for your Southern
vegetable garden: a how to guide

by Amy Whitney

Fall Garden Planning is available as a trade paperback and as a Kindle ebook at You can learn more about Amy and you’ll find a wealth of information for organic (and almost-organic) gardeners in the Southeastern U.S. at her website, Small Garden News!

When Amy worked in horticulture at her county’s Cooperative Extension office, two questions that were asked by area residents each year were “what crops should I grow” and “when should I plant them” for a fall vegetable garden.

Fall Garden Planning is a detailed answer to those questions. The author lives and works in Georgia, so the information specifically is for gardeners in the Southeastern U.S., in plant hardiness zones 7, 8, and 9, from the Carolinas and across to East Texas.

The book represents a combination of research and the experiences that helped the author’s fall garden be more successful. The hope is that other Southern gardeners can benefit, using the information as a shortcut to a more successful fall vegetable garden.

This – generally – is what’s inside:

– Which crops grow best in fall
– Two ways to make a planting calendar for your own garden, including the method that works best for the author
– How to get the garden prepared for fall crops (amendment and fertilizer recommendations)
– Management options for three common pests of Southeastern fall gardens – caterpillars, aphids, and root-knot nematodes
– Details about 24 fall garden crops, including recommended varieties for Southeastern gardens

There is more, but those are the main sections.

This book is not a general guide to vegetable gardening, and some topics are touched on only as needed to make adjustment for the fall garden.

The book presents steps to follow to create a personalized planting schedule, including an example schedule from the author’s garden. A blank chart for readers to use in making that schedule is on pages 62-63.

Anyone who would like to have a full-size copy of the blank schedule, to print out and write on, can download a free pdf version from the author’s website, at The link to the free pdf is near the bottom of the page.

Just Announced

The First 2019 AAS Winners!

Seeds are available for sale as of this announcement.
Contact breeders listed below.

Melon Orange SilverWave F1

All-American Selections (AAS) Regional Winner

Categories: 2019, Melon, Edibles/Vegetables, Northeast, Southeast

Orange SilverWave is an exotic melon bred in South Korea with an extremely sweet, orange flesh and unique rind color. Many foodie gardeners are looking to grow something different to “Wow!” their guests and this melon will do just that! The attractive 5″ oval melons grow vigorously, producing up to six fruits per vine. Whether grown in a large container or in-ground, it’s best to grow the vines on a trellis (bracing the melons) for better disease control. This AAS Winner is great eaten alone, in a fruit salad, wrapped with prosciutto or mixed into a smoothie or margarita.

Bred by Asia Seed Co., Ltd.

Kombi, The Shovel With Attitude!!!
The Combination Garden Tool!

The sliding tool that aggressively slices weeds
off below ground, with less effort!

Eddie says, “I think this is a great gardening tool.
What sets the Kombi apart from other shovels is its deeply serrated edge.
There is nothing else like it in the trade.”



The Original Kombi Shovel

For more information and versions, check out the
Kombi Garden Tool Website

Read more about the Kombi Shovel from Eddie
in the “I Dig It” section of his Garden Widgets article!

Eddie’s Bonsai Dish Gardens

Eddie makes these unique dish gardens using bonsai trees, hostas and other
garden favorites as their focal points. They make lovely centerpieces or great additions to
the office of someone you really care about!


Bonsai Dish Gardens

For more information
Contact Eddie at

Eddie’s Bamboo Birdhouses

Eddie makes these unique birdhouses from bamboo and other natural materials.
Get two for your favorite feathered friends so they can lounge away summer afternoons in comfort and style!


Bamboo Bird House

For more information
Contact Eddie at

Eddie’s Big Chickens

Eddie takes gourd art to a whole new level with these delightful fryers!
Get one for your mantle so you can give your friends directions to your house!


Grandma Dumplins



Born to Fry




“Who You Callin’ Chicken?”

For more information
Contact Eddie at

Stepping Stones

Eddie makes each one of these unique stepping stones by hand.
Pamper your garden path by adding several of these “weighty works of art!”




For more information
Contact Eddie at

Handmade Cards

Becky Belt presses wildflowers at her mountain home and laminates them on
her one-of-a-kind cards. Even the envelopes are handmade. Each card is
unique and suitable for mailing or framing.

beckycard05 beckycard06


Contact Becky at
Becky Belt is also available to teach classes on her card making craft!

For all your printing needs
please contact:

Rhoades Printing Company

“Three generations of quality printing.”
Covington, GA 770-786-7176

PERMANENT Plant Identification Tags
from Southern Cultured Orchards & Nursery

One of the hardest things to do is to affix a “permanent” plant identification tag to an outside plant. Exposed to extremes of temperature and weather 365 days a year, well, there’s really no such thing as “permanent.” Sharpie markers and wax pencils fade. Wood rots. Plastic gets brittle and falls off. When you have an extensive orchard of fruit trees and lose their ID tags, wow, you’ve messed up.

PERMANENT Plant Identification Tags from Southern Cultured Orchards & Nursery

These tags are the best I can come up with as a PERMANENT label. These are 0.05″ thick aluminum, 1 1/2″ wide. ( No thicker, so if they DO fall off and you run over them with your lawnmower, it won’t entirely destroy your mower deck.) The letters are stamped in. The black outline is Sharpie marker, which will fade in a year, but they can be renewed, and the stampings ARE permanent.

I’m selling these for $2.50 each, plus a little for shipping. PERMANENT tree labels are a thoughtful Christmas gift for the orchardist in your life! They’ll love them!

Larry Stephenson
P.O.Box 84
Carrollton, MS 38917

or visit us on Facebook at Southern Cultured Orchards & Nursery

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