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Kombi, The Shovel With Attitude!!!
The Combination Garden Tool!

The sliding tool that aggressively slices weeds
off below ground, with less effort!

Eddie says, “I think this is a great gardening tool.
What sets the Kombi apart from other shovels is its deeply serrated edge.
There is nothing else like it in the trade.”



The Original Kombi Shovel

For more information and versions, check out the
Kombi Garden Tool Website

Read more about the Kombi Shovel from Eddie
in the “I Dig It” section of his Garden Widgets article!

Eddie’s Bonsai Dish Gardens

Eddie makes these unique dish gardens using bonsai trees, hostas and other
garden favorites as their focal points. They make lovely centerpieces or great additions to
the office of someone you really care about!


Bonsai Dish Gardens

For more information
Contact Eddie at

Eddie’s Bamboo Birdhouses

Eddie makes these unique birdhouses from bamboo and other natural materials.
Get two for your favorite feathered friends so they can lounge away summer afternoons in comfort and style!


Bamboo Bird House

For more information
Contact Eddie at

Eddie’s Big Chickens

Eddie takes gourd art to a whole new level with these delightful fryers!
Get one for your mantle so you can give your friends directions to your house!


Grandma Dumplins



Born to Fry




“Who You Callin’ Chicken?”

For more information
Contact Eddie at

Stepping Stones

Eddie makes each one of these unique stepping stones by hand.
Pamper your garden path by adding several of these “weighty works of art!”




For more information
Contact Eddie at

Handmade Cards

Becky Belt presses wildflowers at her mountain home and laminates them on
her one-of-a-kind cards. Even the envelopes are handmade. Each card is
unique and suitable for mailing or framing.

beckycard05 beckycard06


Contact Becky at
Becky Belt is also available to teach classes on her card making craft!

For all your printing needs
please contact:

Rhoades Printing Company

“Three generations of quality printing.”
Covington, GA 770-786-7176

Custom Engraved Plant Markers

For custom engraved plant markers like the ones used in Botanical Gardens,
email and request a brochure.

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