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Learn the Following:

  • Your climate zone __________________
  • Annual rainfall ____________________
  • Your altitude ______________________
  • Which way is East and West in your garden
  • Average last and first frost dates ________________ ________________

Tips and Suggestions

  • Neatness counts – At the end of the day or whenever you finish a project clean up the mess.
  • Put everything back where it goes and it will look so much better.
  • Define gardening – what does it mean to you? This will help solidify a vision of your garden.
  • Narrow your focus – Don’t try to have one of everything or your garden will soon be a botanical nightmare.
  • Learn what you like and specialize.
  • Beware of invasive plants – Be advised that good Nurseries sometimes sell bad plants. Get a list of the plants to avoid from the GA Native Plant Society:
  • Learn the difference between pruning and shearing. Do large cuts first, detail work last.
  • Visit public gardens – And better neighborhoods. Take notes, pictures, and borrow ideas that you see.
  • Don’t skimp – Buy nice plants and accessories for your garden.
  • Name your garden – Put up a sign that says ‘Bigger Chigger Ranch’ or ‘Rainbow Glen’ anything.
  • Have at least one unusual specimen plant.
  • Mix vegetables with your flowers, they will look great and be practical.
  • Plant Edibles that don’t have to be sprayed – Seedless American persimmons, pawpaw, pineapple guava, kiwi, fig, blueberries and English walnuts.
  • Prepare individual bags of soil amendments in advance and stockpile for use on single plantings.
  • Place your buglight over the goldfish pond.
  • Source For Water Polymers:

Pete Moss says:

pete_moss_02“Hello, fellow gardeners! The secret to a successful garden lies in amending the soil and Sphagnum Peat is a top rated product for lightening clay soil and adding organic matter to sandy soil. It is a replenishable product much the same as pine trees grown for paper. Go to for more information on Peat Moss.

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