Shameless Namedropping

Let me tell you who was seated at my table at the Reception at Callaway Gardens; Linda Copeland, author of “Who In The World Is Nellie R Stevens?” Paula Refi, editor, writer and Landscape Designer, Lindy Broder, President of the Georgia Perennial Plant Association and her mother, Lucinda Hutson, speaker and author of “We’re Cooking Now”, Hank Bruno, Trail Manager for Callaway, Greg Grant, speaker and co-author of “The Southern Heirloom Garden” , my enchanting wife Linda and myself. This was exciting, hanging out with such famous people. Stopping by to chat were Dr. Allan Armitage, author and famous for many things like introducing ‘Homestead Purple’ verbeana and ‘Marguarita’ sweet potato to the trade. Also stopping by was Lee Ann White, author of “Front Yard Gardens” and past editor of Fine Gardening magazine. It was thrilling to be in the company of the elite of the garden world. Though one or two may not be known outside the south, around here they’re famous.

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