The Garden Writers convention was coming up and I needed to decide if I was going to go. As a quality of life event these things are wonderful if they are not spoiled by airline hassles, but they are very expensive for someone who is retired from a factory job. I finally decided to spend my retirement money and go to Vancouver so I started practicing my karaoke as I am really there for the party. I had a great time there – saw old friends, met new people, saw out-of-this-world gardens, drank lots of wine, attended a fantastic Trade Show, attended several very interesting programs and brought home a few product samples and new plants.
Tomorrow night my brother and I are playing at a local Border’s Book Store. I hoped this will be a good venue for promoting and selling my CDs but evidently not. I am just not good at marketing.
On the home front my garden is on a pace to be completed oh, maybe 20 years after I’m dead and gone. I have ordered 50 persimmon seedlings and hope to graft them to named varieties of both American and Asian persimmons. If everything goes well I should have some ready for sale in the Spring of 2006 or later.

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