Returned Mail?

Not about gardening but someone voted on who I look like and there’s no way to respond except here.
—–Original Message—–
From:, SIZE=128@unspecified-domain
Subject: Vote

Dear Eddie,
I think you look the most like: The Incredible Hulk
it is the green thing

Dear ….uh….. Voter,
Thank you for your compliment. The Hulk is not a bad looking guy and I seem to have a penchant for green (maybe you do too but I will be discreet and not ask). My home page did feature a full size copy of my CD but since my site was entered in the Garden Writers competition I put my green hair picture back up to keep the site less focused on music and more on myself and gardening. The judging is over now and I didn’t win. I don’t think I’ll enter again as that was the third year and it costs $35 to enter.
By the way, I will be playing at the Atlanta Brewing Company May 17th from 5:30 to 7 pm. Stop by. This is actually a paying gig – $40 and a case of beer. Though I don’t drink beer anymore I can use it to stock my bar. It’s just a little homemade bar in my basement where Noah and I hang out.
Yesterday, Saturday, may 6th, I worked at the Mexietta (formerly Marietta) garden club Plant Sale and from there I walked to the Farmer’s Market then to the square for their festival. I handed out pens with my logo on them to all who would take one. It was a long but sunny day.
I need someone to go to CD baby and write a review of my CD. I could do it but it’s hard to be subjective about my own music. Just go to and key in my album title “Last Man Standing” or artist name “Eddie Rhoades” listen to the short clips and write a review. It would be best if it was written by someone who hs the complete CD.
I hear the garden calling me. I must go and piddle even though there is real work to be done such as grafting about 100 persimmon seedling rootstocks to named cultivars of both Oriental and American persimmons.
If more people would comment on my posts I would write more frequently.
Boy, I am chatty today.

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