A Memorable Day In Mexietta

A Glorious Day 
It is a Thursday here in Mexietta, Georgia. The Temperature for today will be in the 80s and the lows are predicted to be in the mid 60s. If you are from the north and are reading this please don’t take it as an open invitation to come on down because what with everyone in Mexico moving here we are approaching full capacity. I often have the thought of “how many people does the planet need?” I can just see the earth a few million years from now as the then dominant upright reptile with opposable thumbs and the power of speech says “Digging through the strata we find there was a time when monkey-like creatures dominated the world.” “Due to catostrophic conditions they became extinct.” “We believe that due to a flaw in the earth’s rotation it swung too close to the sun for thousands of years and all the ice caps melted causing the oceans to rise 400 feet which wiped out many, many species and life forms.” “Some of our scientists feel that the ice melt age was somehow caused by emissions from machines these creatures used for transportation but of course they are in the minority.”
All of this is purely conjecture and futuristic. Meantime, I am not going to worry about the future of mankind or even this planet we live on – it is a beautiful day and I intend to spend it outside playing in the dirt and admiring the ‘Vulcan’ magnolia that is blooming while I graft my pawpaw trees.

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