Trivia and Severe Water Shortage

Trivia questions:
1 What is the world’s largest commode?
2 How many chinese do we need?
3 Does Georgia have a water shortage?
4 Can you name one animal that is becoming extinct?

Trivia answers:
1 The ocean
2 Evidently billions
3 No, we have plenty of water, we just have too many people
4 Me neither, I can’t think of a single animal on the verge of extinction but if there are any I’m sure the government is handling the problem.

About The Drought –
It’s funny how I can be out in the garden and think of lots of things I want to say but later when I get back inside I can’t remember them. I may hop and skip around a bit here but that’s why we named it Eddie’s RAMBLING Blog. We are in what is classified as an extreme drought and it was all I could do this summer to keep my valuable plants alive. Reduced to its lowest common denominator I could say we have plenty of water, problem is we have too many people. Not only are people suffering but plants and other animals as well. Be sure to keep birdbaths and other water sources clean and filled during this critical time. You and I can walk inside and have a drink of water but plants are rooted to one spot, they can’t do that. You might try digging in some crystal polymers like Water Grabber or other brands. Pike nursery has this product mixed with fertilizer. You don’t want that. The fertilizer would only increase water needs. Be sure to presoak the crystals before you dig them in. Also, you can add more mulch to keep moisture from evaporating from the soil surface. I have greatly reduced the size of my lawn and you can do the same. A side benifit of a smaller lawn means less mowing naturally, but it also means more growing space for flowers, shrubs and trees. Me, I’m installing two rain barrels. Every little bit makes a difference.

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