Things Change

When I was younger I was a human dynamo. I had boundless energy and referred to myself as Mighty Mouse. With time I had to admit that I was slowing down a bit. And now I confess I am beginning to fall apart. The only thing constant is change and I don’t always deal with change well. I went to my daughters house to prepare her a vegetable garden. I cranked up the tiller and went about 5 feet before the tiller quit. Being in the same frame of mind that I could do anything as before, I finished digging her entire plot by hand with a shovel. That was several months ago and my legs and hips are still bothering me all day every day so don’t ask me how I’m doing ’cause I might tell you. People are actually kinder to you and more tolerant of you if you are walking with a cane plus they are less likely to ask you to do stuff. So there are benefits to being temporarily crippled (can we still use that word or has it been removed from the dictionary of political correctness?) I think if I could lose a little weight it would help. I spoke to a good looking blonde lady the other day who said she wanted to lose 10 pounds. I told her I would take those ten pounds if she would let me choose the precise pounds I wanted. As expected she did not agree to this constraint. I’m not too old to cut the mustard it’s just that mustard is a discontinued menu item.

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