I’m Dead

A Mister Gary Dorsey from the Atlanta Journal called and wanted to do an article on bloggers in the Metro Atlanta area. We had a nice long conversation and I was very open and honest with him -maybe too open and honest. I got to thinking about it later and thought if he prints everything I said I’m dead. Dead, I’m telling you, and it’s all my fault. I told him how I sometimes go to Crystals or to McCrackens (McCrackens on Monday and Crystal’s on Tuesday) for their open mic night. Many times I don’t stay out too late (or drink too much) but occasionally it may be after midnight (literary license here) before I head home. I am old enough to realize you have to be careful in this type of atmosphere even though the owner of Crystal’s told me there has NEVER been a fight there. I suppose it could be because the place is so small there’s not enough room to swing a punch. The real reason is most everybody knows everybody there. In fact, Billy the bass player said they all know each other so well there’s only one DNA for all of them. That’s one of the good things about a bar atmosphere, the humor.

I told Gary I sometimes play my original songs and occasionally there will be garden groupies come to hear me sing. I am a Master Gardener and Master Gardeners get to be mentors for a new intern every year. This gives me the opportunity to corrupt at least one person every year. You only live once.

I love to sing my songs and I love the audience to sing along. I even like to get up and sing backup with other musicians. I believe in music.

Garden in the daytime, music at night, what more could you ask for except a cure for hangovers and maybe a bottle of smart pills.

Gary asked me about other peoples blogs and I said I never read them. I never write about religion or politics but I will occasionally slip a sexual innuendo in there, sometimes hidden, sometimes not. I made a decision not to make my blog interactive. If anyone has feedback they can email me.

Of the blogs I have written so far my favorites are:


She Loves Me, She….. 1/18/2004

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Flower Show Individuality 2/22/2004

You Read It Here First 4/7/2004

Gary has to run his article by an editor and I hope I don’t come out looking too stupid but if I do it’s my own fault. Sometimes I hate being me.

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