The Day Of Reckoning

Odell and I were just a year apart with him being the oldest. Naturally we played games just like everyone else. In some of these games, whichever character, real or imaginary, you chose to be determined whether you were the automatic winner. some characters were equal, like if Odell chose to be Mr Moto and I chose to be Georgeous George it would be sort of a standoff. Going through this process one day of who was going to be who, one of us was going to be Superman (a sure winner – almost) and the other decided to be Jesus. We knew Jesus was the son of God and God was all powerful but we weren’t sure if these powers were transferable. As in most of our childhood arguments we decided to let Daddy be the judge so we went together and asked him “Daddy, if Jesus and Superman got into a fight, who would win?” Daddy thought about this a moment and said “Go and bring me ALL of your comic books.” We brought them to dad who was outside by this time in the field beside our house. He put the comics in a pile, poured a little gas on them and set them on fire.

I guess that was our answer.

From then on whenever we would ask for a comic book the only ones Mother or Dad would buy were Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

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