Driving Is Driving Me Crazy

Driving Is Driving Me Crazy
I saw a bumper sticker that said “I drive like you do.” Aside from the dangling participle, it brings out a valid point. We all drive a little crazy at times. Of course we think we are good drivers but ask yourself the following questions:
Does it upset you when someone tailgates you?
Have you ever been in a hurry and tailgated the person ahead of you?
The realization that I did both of these things has caused me to become a better driver. I am beginning to respect the right of the other driver to drive at whatever speed they are comfortable with. If I need to be somewhere in a hurry then I should make a decision to leave the house five minutes sooner so I won’t have to rush and most of all won’t have to be upset with others for “holding me up” Lots of times in our rush to get around someone we don’t even think of the fact that when we pass them it’s only going to be fifty feet before we are on someone elses bumper. Then what?
Based on the fact that I hate to be honked at I have made a decision not to honk at others even though I have the advantage of driving a car with a “real” horn (it sounds like a Mack truck) and not one of those wimpy, high-pitched modern horns. They shouldn’t even call those things horns, they should call them whiney beepers. Underlying all this is the fact we need to relax and enjoy driving as much as possible. Everyone knows driving too fast is dangerous but my slow-poke sister has made me aware that driving too slow can be equally dangerous. The too fast crowd is out there on the expressways driving like maniacs, jockeying for position, leaping in front of each other and switching lanes like some motorized version of salmon swimming upstream. Me? I’m retired now so I tend to take things at a more relaxed pace. It doesn’t bother me but it sure does bother the salmon.

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