My First CD

My Latest Song

My younger brother, Robert set up an appointment for Monday 11-15-2004 at Bird Nest Studio in Covington to record some of my songs. The hourly rate was steep but I figured what the heck, we would probably do three or four songs. I was wrong, we only did one song in nine hours at a cost of $400. Hopefully there’s a learning curve involved and we can get more done next time or else I won’t be able to afford doing all ten songs of a CD in the studio.
The title of the song we recorded is “Rock Bottom Bar”.

I thought it turned out real well. I don’t have the greatest singing voice but it is okay and was really enhanced by my brother singing backup. All harmony parts are done by him alone and when he finished I paid him the highest compliment I could bestow on a backup singer: I told him “You sound like the Jordanaires.”

When I played the musical interlude on lead guitar it sounded like it needed more so we backed up and played lead again on top of the other. That made it sound like a twelve string guitar or a six string with reverb. The finished recording sounded actually better than I had expected, especially there in the studio. Brother Robert and I are working hard toward having a finished disk of ten of my original songs as soon as possible. Looks like I am going to miss the Christmas market and when I am a vendor at the State Master Gardener conference in Perry Georgia in January. UPDATE: Just finished the second song called “One Good Woman”at a cost of $225. It is the best one so far with more of an old-time rock beat and great piano. Rob, my webmaster, posted a short piece of three songs on my site. Check them out. As with gardening, music is a big part of my life so let me know what you think of these snippets. You can post comments on my guestbook or email me. Down the road I need to decide what to name the album: Basement Boogie, Last Man Standing, One Good Woman or something else. Comments?

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